2 A.M.

One of my favorites, that I had written sometime last year 🙂

I’d like to believe,
That at 2 A.M, you see
A different side of a person,
Not the usual one for sure.
In the day he’s someone,
So nice and sweet and friendly,
But maybe it’s the night that brings out,
The devils within.

I’d like to know, what you think,
At 2 A.M, when you can’t sleep.
Or maybe you did, but woke up,
For thoughts can turn to nightmares, too.                                      Just like someone’s “sweet dreams”,
Is intended to not mean it.
At all.

Are you drowning yet?
Or are you afloat?
Have you survived it yet?
Or waiting for the dawn to dawn?
Because maybe the end of the night,
For you it might,
Give you hope it ends,
And these monsters don’t eat you alive.

But maybe you’re happy,
And not at all overpowered by this negativity,
For maybe your thoughts, are consumed,
By something magical, not melancholy,
By purity and not tragedy,
Maybe you don’t want it to end,
For you’re enjoying it all,
Filling yourself with this energy, so positive,
Take it while it lasts.

Or maybe you’re not awake at all,
Because you’ve finally made peace,
With these demons that reside,
Inside of you, so quiet.
Sleeping during the day,
And keeping you up at night,
But now you have learnt the balance,
The yin and the yang,
The good in the bad, and bad in the good,
And you’ve realized, your angels can be weak,
But they can fight too.

A/N: Hello. Starting this blog on the occasion of Poetry Month! 🙂 Will I post daily? I shall try, and hopefully work it out. It’ll get easier once I’m done with my final week for my courses, because then no submissions. For today, one of my favorites 😀

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