A possibility.

I’m so into multiverse right now, i cant even. Totally getting why everybody uses it in poetry and fiction…

How bad does it hurt?
When you lay in your bed,
A mess of thoughts in your head,
Pondering over every little thing,
Your existence and being.
Going over every mistake, every wrong decision,
Overthinking with precision.
The should have’s and the could have’s,
Instead you said all goodbye’s.

And would it help?
To know that maybe everything you thought of,
Everything you wanted, but let go,
Everything you dreamt and desired,
Everything you needed and wanted,
Happened in another universe,
And to another version of you.
In a parallel universe,
You got a happy ending too.


A/N: I’ve written about 12 poems today as a part of my final project, and they’re all based off physics, so please do not blame me for having this influenced by the multiverse theory, especially the parallel universe one. I just used it as a tool.

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