That girl is poisonnnnnn.

Poison only tastes like poison, once you’ve swallowed it.
Till then it’s just there, lying in a tiny glass jar,
Sunlight that highlights
A side of it, glimmering.
The purple in the jar, tempting.
A sticker informing of the dangers on top,
Accelerating my curiosity,
To give it a try.
I stare at it, with pure lust.
Wanting to consume it, or wanting it to consume me.
I grab it, and continue eyeing it.
Twisting the cap open, knowing where it leads
The death potion, myself I feed.
And I wait, I wait, I wait.
And during this period, I have no regrets.
No memories, no wanting to stay.
But it doesn’t work.
Why, I wonder.
I use the same on a rat.
And it got what I craved. It died.
Diamonds cut diamonds,
Maybe poison nulls poison..


A/N: The first line is a writing prompt πŸ™‚ I didn’t know what to write on, so I found myself a writing prompt and gave it a go. Would it be good to say that this isn’t that bad myself? πŸ˜‰

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