Forget Me Not.

Recycling is something I take very seriously.

Long gone are the nights I spent talking to you on the phone
Long gone is that love in your eyes and I’m back to all alone
Too numb for tears now, questioning why all the time
Why you suddenly vanished into thin air and left me in the void?

Regret you I don’t,for once you were the reason for my smile
Felt like forever even though it was only a little while.
For me you were the entire book but i was just a chapter for you..

But I hope you forget me not..
And one day u walk into the park,
See that girl wearing the pink and blue flower tiara
Of which the pink buds remind you of me
For I loved pink and once you got one for me..
And I hope you forget me not, not so soon
And somewhere it aches you for treating me
The way you did, the way you hurt me
And finally you realize you lost me.

I hope you see someone who won’t be a proper eater,
And it reminds you of all the times I would mess up,
While eating the pizza slice and dropping the tomatoes
And you’d laugh up over how messy I was…

But I hope it somewhere breaks your heart then,
And it finally dawns upon you that the time is gone,
When I was by your side, ready to stand all alone.

Forget me not, dear lover,
For it took me all the courage I had,
To walk away from you and leave my heart behind..
Forget me not, Forget me not
For all those nights I stayed up for you,
For all those times we made memories together,
Forget me not, cause memories is all that’s there now.

Tears smearing the ink of my words on the paper,
Only make me realize this fact harder,
It’s probably just me who can forget you not,
Not for the ways you broke my heart,
Not for the reasons you just took my for granted,
Not for all the nights I cried to sleep
Or all those arguments that left me sleepless throughout…
Forget you not, for all those memories we had.
For all those fights on who pays the bill
For the hugs and kisses and that sweet cologne
But mostly for you were once the only thing I ever even wanted..
And you were the center of my universe
My sunshine and you did, light up my world and galaxies.

A thought just keeps spinning in my head,
Did I matter that little to you?
That you forgot me in a blink..
And here I am wanting you to forget me not.
Remembering the little things I always did,
And seeing bits of me in people you meet,
Realizing I’m long gone
But it’s probably just me, who can’t
Forget you at all.


A/N: An old one again, I recycle a lot. I want to get back into writing these kinds, which have repetitive phrases and are more musical in their own way. Also, I was initially not going to put this, but then I reread it and let’s say I’m a bit impressed with my own self ๐Ÿ˜‰

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