Tick tock, tick tock,
When do you stop?
Days pass, weeks fly,
You stand quiet under a melancholy sky.
You, a candle, that keeps on burning,
to keep others warm, you keep on hurting.
And whatever is in your power, you do everything,
Just to realize, that you mean absolutely nothing
To the one person you want
The one person you can’t
Have in any possible way
So your goodbyes you say.
Or at least you try,
Hold your tears, don’t you cry.
Realization takes it’s own sweet time,
To give your all to someone, isn’t a crime.
But sometimes it’s time to hit the break,
No matter how much it aches.
Stop putting your all for this person,
For whom you are a no one.
Instead walk away from the pain,
Your effort won’t be in vain,
As you find a freedom of a kind,
A liberty and change of mind.
Free yourself from these chains and bounds,
Give yourself the love, rise above the grounds.

A/N: Hmm, I feel like I’m writing to my own self.

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