Make each moment count.

I forgot to upload yday hehehe.

When it’s too dark for you,
And no hope can be seen,
Tears trickle down your cheeks,
Vision too blurred to see.
There is light coming soon after,
The dark will be gone.
There are times, you feel alone.
There are times, when there is no home.
But make each moment count,
You’ll see the small joys of life,
One tiny second, grief isn’t around
And you suddenly see,
The hope in the light.
Sometimes you feel you’re drowning,
And it seems like it is the end,
But to those voices, don’t you bend,
All these broken pieces, you can mend.
You wonder how long the misery lasts,
Why, oh why, did you end up this way?
They say you’ll see the light, the rays,
But it seems, you’re now the prey.
Make each moment count,
Don’t let your efforts go in vain,
One tiny second, grief isn’t around,
Sunshine will come after the rain.
One day you’ll stand strong and mighty,
And realize you got through it all,
Overcame your fears, faults and flaws.
And finally broke down that barrier wall.
You stand tall and mighty,
It’s where you belong.
To get there, it took you long,
But now you knew,
You could do it all along.
A/N: Again an old one, but this is one of my favorites. Plus, I think everyone should read it so yeah ๐Ÿ™‚

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