‘Bout last night

In a bunch of people,
I look for a way out
My stress seems tripled
And I can do without.

At peace when alone,
And lonely around many,
Away I need to be gone
Or my thoughts become rainy.

How do I explain,
The chain of my thoughts,
It’s all inside my brain,
My ideas and thoughts, they haunt.

And before I know it,
I am in another zone,
It’s all negative, a dark pit
I don’t know if I need someone
Or I need to be alone.

So I distance myself, from those
Who might care and try helping.
I water my own thoughts and let it all grow.
I realize, sometimes, you’re fine with drowning.


A/N: So, last night I surpassed my normal mode and entered zombie mode where I was all negative, and it made me recall a time when things weren’t going well for me, and now, in that zone, I was sinking again. I hated it, and I tried putting it down, although I think I failed at it.. :/

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