#Sundays – Manchester Attacks and Revisiting Bangalore.

Decided to start something like a weekly segment, so that I put things up here. πŸ™‚

I decided that I’ll write a post every Sunday, to make this a somewhat active blog. Sundays with Srushti. Gonna be one of those things I decide I’ll surely do and end up not accomplishing. But then I’ll also tell myself after successfully failing at this, that at least I had the guts to try and not everyone does, but I know that’s my own way of making myself feel good about my existence.

Let’s start with how shattering the Manchester terrorist attack has been. If you do not have an idea about this, here’s explaining it in short- A suicide bomber attended Ariana Grande’s concert last week and as the concert ended, the bomb blasted, killing around 20 fans and injuring about 50 others.
Concerts are places where people go to have a good time. I have only ever been to one concert, but I loved every second of it. And I have followed certain artists, including Ariana, enough to know that if I go to her concert, I’d be totally into it. Quite sure the same can be said about the fans who were attending the concert that day, and those who are now scarred for life because of the events that took place, the wounded ones and especially those who met their fate. What a sad thing it is, to kill people at a place where they only came to have a good time and take back beautiful memories. If this isn’t enough, people blamed Ariana for the attack and of being an attention-seeker, dragging the attention of the victims of the attack.

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Image Source: Herald Sun

There’s this thing called survivor’s guilt. The fact that this attack happened at her concert, and innocent people lost their lives due to the same, must have affected her too. Moreover, she offered to pay for their funerals, and is holding a charity concert, the funds from which shall go to the families of the victims’ of the Manchester attack. Concerts are supposed to be a safe haven for everyone to come and enjoy, not a gateway to death. What happened is truly saddening, and makes us question the safety and security of not just concert venues, but even a lot other crowded places we so regularly visit, like metro stations/travelling by metro trains, supermarkets, etc.

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Image Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

But it’s only during times of peril, that we see gems of humanity rise. During the days following Manchester attack, willing donors queued up outside hospitals to donate blood for the wounded and needy. Free taxi rides were being provided to anyone who might need to get back home safely. A few hotels were taking in children who were lost and needed shelter. When you notice acts like these taking place, that’s when you feel like there’s still hope in this world. Hope for a better future. Hope for humanity.


Moving on to other things, I’d like to talk about, I realize it’s been a month since I have been back home in Mumbai. And I love Mumbai. A friend asked me once to say the first word that comes to my mind when someone mentions Mumbai. And it was Dreams. Everytime I’m in Bangalore, there’s a slight longing for Mumbai. Something about it pulls me towards it always.

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Image Source: http://www.toursara.com

But lately, I’ve come to realize what a year in Bangalore has done to me. As I lead my carefree lifestyle under my parents’ roof in Mumbai, I casually keep mentioning something or the other about Bangalore every now and then. Like the other day, I went to McDonald’s with a friend, and we both got ourselves soft drinks. I noticed how they have the plastic cap over the glass. So I started telling my friend how we don’t get that in Bangalore, as Bangalore tries minimizing plastic as much as possible. And I took all the pride as I let her know that.
And oh, the talks and stories about PG are endless. About how I’m the father of the family, to late night conversations on the footpath, and the surprise birthday parties, and eating at tiny local shops, there’s so many memories I have. And even though I am not the most optimistic of people, I realize I have a lot to be thankful of. The second semester at college got me some amazing friends, fun, and a lot to look forward too. So, I guess I could say that I’m kinda looking forward to second year, even though I don’t really have much hope from Industrial at my college.



I think that’s a good amount of writing for the day, and it feels good to have written what I felt. Also, if you’d like to donate for the victims of the Manchester attack, here’s the link for the same-

πŸ™‚ Peace πŸ™‚

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