#Sundays- Thinking a lot.

i can’t think??

As time passes by, I’ve come to realize how much time I have to myself. Now when you get so much time to yourself, and when you’ve got nothing to do, you’re forced to be with your thoughts. I’ve come to realize that it’s not the best idea for me at least. Alone time is good. I cherish my own company over anyone else’s, but sometimes, giving so much time to just myself and my thoughts lead to certain dark corners of my mind that I do not like to go over. There are some lonely dark lanes that we are told to not go, after a certain point of time, during the day, and same could be said about the mind. It’s fine to just think about something, but once you intently start putting a lot of thought into it, that could be a bit dangerous. You could find yourself wishing that you hadn’t come this far. Moreover, sometimes these thoughts are about things that haven’t even happened. Maybe, it’s not about you at all, but someone altogether different. But it keeps coming to you, and that is very annoying.

Finally, my joblessness is going to come to an end, as my courses for college start tomorrow. Second year begins, and I don’t know how much my motivation levels will last, but lets at least start with a bit of enthusiasm, if not anything else. Signing up for an entire year’s course has been a bit of a pain, but it does make you feel more responsible. So if you don’t like what you do, you’re the only one to be blamed here.


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