#Sundays- Schools and Body Image.

you know whom to come to if you need to raise your kids right πŸ˜‰

School kids always have this absurd habit of mocking each other based off their appearances. And in all honesty, the only people who seem to enjoy school are the ones who make it miserable for the others. Hierarchy begins here, where you have the popular kids and the nerds. And of course, like every other system that has ever gone wrong, you worship the ones who are more outgoing, over the ones who actually are more focused and work towards their future. Instead of preaching ‘Live and Let Live’ so as to make sure both these parties lead a peaceful existence during their time in school, we deal with mockery coming from the superior popular class, which we can term as ‘bullying’.


When we say ‘Actions speak louder than words’, can we also please teach children that sometimes words are enough actions to trigger some negative emotion amongst children of any age group? We see all these young adults, or even proper adults, who look at themselves in the mirror once in the day and that’s it. There is no self-love, and appreciation for the way one looks. Maybe it doesn’t bother them, but they don’t appreciate it either. It’s more like you look at your flaws, crib and cry and wonder why certain features you have are a certain way everytime you look into the mirror, but after a point, you just start ignoring your own self. And honestly, where does all of it begin? So many people I know of, talk about how they were fat-shamed in school. I, personally faced, skinny-shaming throughout my school life and continue to even as I continue my life outside school, but now I’ve learnt to just ignore it. But then, there are things that are never going to change. Like I will never love the way my hair naturally looks, because of the amount of times I’ve had school kids tell me it looks like a bird’s nest, or try to entangle something in it. You never really know, how what you do or say, is going to affect someone. So if you are going to tell me that “Yes, but that’s just children.”, well, here’s something you probably didn’t know- These are the same children that are going to make the future generation. With a world where we are pretty much exploiting all resources, call ourselves the smartest animals, and are on a constant downhill, the last thing anybody wants, is children who pull down other children, leading to adults with a low self-esteem and a bad body-image. If you’re going to raise your children, being okay with them passing derogatory remarks about others’ appearances, which happen to be something they don’t really have a say in, might as well not have children as such, for who wants children like that, who become parents like that, who lead to generation after generation of a system like that, and adults on one side who think they can comment whatever, and the other side who don’t care about themselves anymore at all.



#Sundays- Being Alone, Jenga Blocks and First Impressions.

and i’m back here πŸ˜€

Well, my absence over the past few weeks could possibly be explained by a busy few last weeks of the semester, followed by pure laziness after coming home.

Lately, I’ve come to realize how looked down upon it is to spend time by yourself. It’s like a person who can go out there, put themselves out there, make themselves accessible, is the kind of person to look up to, and is the only kind acceptable. At times, you could be sitting alone enjoying a snack or so, in some cafe, only to end up meeting some friend sooner or later who asks you why you’re sitting alone. Curiosity is fine, until it goes, “So sad..I’ll give you company.” There is nothing sad about being alone. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean a feeling of loneliness has to be present. You can feel comfortable and at peace with your own company too. And honestly, as long as you’re fine with it, and do not feel the need to indulge in activities with others, to keep yourself occupied, it’s all good.

And sometimes, someone poses you with,”How will you find someone for yourself, if you continue acting like a loner?” Again, nothing wrong with enjoying being alone. Moreover, nothing wrong with believing the right person will eventually show up. Plus if you have to change things about yourself for someone, maybe that person isn’t the right one. Also, maybe you’ll not end up with anyone. But why is it so wrong? Again, why is the idea of being alone so wrong? Alone, can be independent too. The idea of finding someone, and not being alone is so glorified, we make people who are alone and at peace also question it at times. We make single people feel like they’re missing out on a lot. But when will we promote growth as an individual first? When will we promote knowing ourselves better, before going out and trying to get to know others more?

Trust and faith, are things that build over time. And sometimes, miscommunications and misunderstandings can easily ruin it in a matter of seconds. They rightfully say that Pen is mightier than Sword. And these words are knives that often leave scars(Panic! At the Disco, hehe), so sometimes you have to make wise choices with what you say. Impulsive decisions, and words that aren’t meant to be said can often create a lot of damage. And the trust and faith can collapse like Jenga blocks falling down slowly, and then it’s all on the floor. And now you have to take the efforts to build it all again.

First impressions of people can be so deceiving. So many people I’ve met, are nothing like what I thought they were when I first met them. But then, it’s also so hard to get that impression out of your head. Somewhere it’s there at the back of your head. Unless you’re very close to someone, and you know them too well, the impression you have of them stays. Like popular kids from school will always be nasty little bitches in my head forever (yes, very judgemental). And when you don’t know people well enough, and whatever knowledge you have of them is based off an impression you have of them, your initial feelings towards them also stay the same.


#Sundays- Winters, Curiosity and Stage Fear.

winter is coming.

With each passing day, the temperature keeps going lower, but not low enough to a point where I’m freezing to death. As a person who isn’t a big fan of the sunny days anyway, the cold outside is very much pleasing. We tend to like things that we can relate to in some way or the other. The weather is matching my ice cold heart.
Green Pine Trees Covered With Fogs Under White Sky during Daytime

No, but really though, the weather is being nice, at least to me, if not anyone else. It’s the perfect time to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, listen to music, wrap yourself in a pile of blankets, binge-watch a TV show, etc. Would all be much more convenient if college hadn’t piled us with work so there’s that. Then again, I have spent my entire day napping, as it rained outside and it got colder, simply because of my ability to convince myself that I deserved a rest day, so it’s alright to wrap myself in a comfy jacket and cover myself with a blanket and doze off. Let’s say it’s a good time to say, “Winter is Coming.” #GoT

Also, it’s funny how easily people tend to misinterpret you. And the constant nosy and curious nature does get annoying at points. Yes, okay, we tend to tell children it’s good to be curious and that they should keep asking questions, but then there are grown-ups who do not know where to draw the line. Sometimes, someone tells you something, and you should possibly just accept that without questioning their reasons. Now, this is when they’re saying something about themselves, not making a universal statement of course. It’s like there’s a basic lack of respect for someone’s boundaries, and you cannot ask them to respect it without them questioning you or mocking you about the same.
adult, business, cablesStage fear is so horrible. It’s sadder when you know you didn’t always have it. It’s sad to know that at some point I was a person who loved being onstage, and would try out for all activities that involved the same, and now when I try auditioning, there’s shaky voice coming in, there’s forgetting lines, there’s a rushed tone and what not. To think of it, when did I get judged so bad, that now I can’t really face people? It’s weird to know that I know the answer to this, but don’t really know how to fix it. But maybe that’s how things go sometimes. You don’t know how to fix some things, and that’s okay. Maybe they’ll fix themselves over time, or maybe they won’t. The future is something I cannot really look into, so not much that I can claim about the same.


#Sundays- Self-pity, Failures and Rain.

i’m back πŸ˜€

It’s been three weeks since I last updated here. Quite saddening the state of my writing, my blog, my life, everything indeed.

Over this period of time, there were quite some stressful days, and then there weren’t. Like I had a phase, where I had to go through a good amount of getting my ideas rejected until I finally managed to put up a final presentation and a final artefact. And it was awfully stressful, not knowing what to do, being clueless about what to work on, etc. Quite sure I had a point where I was sure I wouldn’t manage to finish it, and would rather have a breakdown instead. But then to think of it, I find it quite impressive the amount of rejected ideas I could come up with. Yes, I know it’s not something to be proud of, but it’s pretty insane how I could possibly think of so many ideas in general, that is, ignoring the fact that they got rejected. Honestly though, and because of the amount of rejection, it feels like nothing can match that. Sometimes, something goes wrong and I find myself thinking,”Oh this feels like nothing compared to when I got rejected so many times…” Somehow takes me back to when I was in 11th and failed an Accounts unit test. Nothing could possibly compare to how royally I failed then, and because of that one time, failure at times doesn’t seem like a major issue.

Also, I realized how quite a few times, I’ll just be sitting here pitying myself about something or the other. It’s funny to me how if I track the reason as to why I’m doing so, it usually tends to go back to the same few reasons, or same few people. And then there’s envy. You tend to envy what you do not have. So when I notice someone having something I could only wish I had, naturally the self-pity and envy begins. And maybe the solution to that is acceptance, but it’s known that acceptance as an idea itself could be hard to grasp onto, and harder to actually accept.

These days I don’t look out of the window before sleeping anymore. I don’t really spend much time thinking about things anymore. Not that I don’t want to, I just sometimes find it exhausting to. Times like these, I’m very glad for the weather. As I lay on my bed, I can see the lightning flash across the sky, and thundering sounds follow soon after.And it’s beautiful. To see the sky light up for a fraction of a second, and also illuminate my room for the same. Then soon, it’s pouring outside. And the rain lightly crashes against my window pane, and by this time, I’m in my own chain of thoughts, too absorbed to think of anything else. And then the rain crashing against my window, also soothes me enough, to make sure I fall asleep soon too.

#Sundays- Courage and Different People.

i’m so lazy, exhausted and tired and all that aaahhh just this week and then I’ll have a good weekend πŸ˜€

So, I skipped another Sunday, and it’s a good time to say I’m clearly bad at committing to this thing, like I’m at a lot of other things like exercising, eating healthy, practising singing daily, etc. Another thing I badly want to do and manage to let my laziness and fatigue get the best of me anyway. But hey, as I write this, my eyes are already shutting, but I’m here writing anyway because no, I don’t want to miss another Sunday. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been so long since I wrote, although I did so just yesterday in a journal.

Image result for it takes 20 seconds of courage
Image Source: Pinterest.

There’s this thing that I had once read and I believe in- Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and something good will come out of it. Honestly, if you had the courage to start something, if you had the courage to begin a venture, then you deserve to see it until the end. And sometimes, maybe you attempt something, and you don’t really know what you gained out of it, and that is fine too. Maybe sometimes, all you get out of doing something is the satisfaction of doing it, and sometimes that is good enough. And in the longer run, that is more than enough. Years later, you’re probably not going to remember who trusted you at that point, who didn’t, who was there for you, and who saw you accomplish something, etc. What will matter to you, is that you did it. You were scared, and nervous and worried and you went ahead and did it anyway. And there’s so much to be proud of in that simple moment. (The kind of motivation I need to get through finals week is right here, haha).


And then there are people. Certain people who do all these things for you, some things tiny, some things large, and maybe they don’t really realize how much it means to you, but it does. Sometimes you’re so used to being all by yourself, and your perpetual state of feeling nothing, it’s so weird to actually feel anything at all. And it’s all because of some other people’s actions? Aren’t they very much right about actions speaking louder than words?

And then there are people who can’t understand you. Certain people are always going to think that they know you well, they know what you’re probably thinking and feeling, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. You can try convincing them of your point, and if you’re lucky they’ll probably get it, but more often than not, it’s not the case. So it’s fine. Maybe they know you well, but at the end of the day, they’re their own person. And how much ever they try to understand you, their own ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. is going to influence their perceptions of you. So it’s fine if they do not agree with what you think about your own self regarding something that probably matters to you. You can’t convince the whole world of everything and anything anyway.


#Sundays- Internet Friendships & Happiness.

I forgot last Sunday effectively.

Another Sunday. I skipped the last one, because of very stupid reasons, but what’s gone is gone, and I can’t keep fretting over it all the time. So hey, I forgot to post last Sunday. I’m unproductive sometimes(the entire week), but hey, nevermind.

And it’s that time of the year. Friendship Day. A bit weird how we need a particular day to declare our love for our friends, but the same can be said about Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentines Day, etc. Although I’d like to believe if someone is your friend after a particular age, you know whether they are here to stay or not. Why do you need a particular day for that? Although sometimes a declaration from friends about how much you mean to them, could mean a lot. Moreover, it’s funny how people judge other people based on how they became friends with someone. I have friends I met over the internet, over a band obsession I had in high school, and we still talk. It’s been about 4 years since then, I’ve met them now, and we’re still pretty much in touch, and I know if I need any help, they’ll be there. In fact, I know if I ever find myself alone or lost in their hometowns, they’re just one call away. And for some reason, it makes me feel safe.Β  I’m not promoting internet friendship here or saying that everyone should add random people for friends, but I do believe that some things are just meant to happen, and friendships are one of them. Sometimes you meet people, and you just connect. And I’m not even the most social person there is. Hell, I’m the total opposite. And I still believe that certain people are meant to walk into your life and to stay.

Image Source: pexels.com

Also, a good conversation with a friend resulted into talking about Happiness. I’ve realized how aimless I am about what I see happiness as, in future. But maybe I do not need to see it as something in the future, but something that I’m supposed to achieve now. But currently, I’m a little tired of actually achieving anything in general. Moreover, I think, hope is what we all live on. We all like to hope for a better tomorrow, and it acts as a driving force for our present. So when I say, that I don’t really have much that I’m actually looking forward to, then what is my driving force here? And yes, I have a lifetime to figure out what I’m doing, and making peace with being this lost, but then I also wonder, if I really do have a lifetime, or is that something I keep telling myself, pretending to buy more time for myself, while my clock ticks by, each second as important as the one before..



#Sundays- Thinking a lot.

i can’t think??

As time passes by, I’ve come to realize how much time I have to myself. Now when you get so much time to yourself, and when you’ve got nothing to do, you’re forced to be with your thoughts. I’ve come to realize that it’s not the best idea for me at least. Alone time is good. I cherish my own company over anyone else’s, but sometimes, giving so much time to just myself and my thoughts lead to certain dark corners of my mind that I do not like to go over. There are some lonely dark lanes that we are told to not go, after a certain point of time, during the day, and same could be said about the mind. It’s fine to just think about something, but once you intently start putting a lot of thought into it, that could be a bit dangerous. You could find yourself wishing that you hadn’t come this far. Moreover, sometimes these thoughts are about things that haven’t even happened. Maybe, it’s not about you at all, but someone altogether different. But it keeps coming to you, and that is very annoying.

Finally, my joblessness is going to come to an end, as my courses for college start tomorrow. Second year begins, and I don’t know how much my motivation levels will last, but lets at least start with a bit of enthusiasm, if not anything else. Signing up for an entire year’s course has been a bit of a pain, but it does make you feel more responsible. So if you don’t like what you do, you’re the only one to be blamed here.