Dead Poets Society

one of the few movies that stay with you?

Might have spoilers, if you haven’t watched it..

Watched this classic very recently for the first time ever (yes, I’m really late on pretty much everything), and then I literally couldn’t hold it back and I had to pen it all down. This movie is such a beauty. It’s been like two days since I watched it for the first time, and I do not mind watching it again even now. We all have our ‘must watch’ movies and ‘all time favorites’. And this one happens to have made it’s way to both lists for me, on an individual level.

Watched this classic very recently for the first time ever (yes, I’m really late on pretty much everything), and then I literally couldn’t hold it back and I had to pen it all down. This movie is such a beauty. It’s been like two days since I watched it for the first time, and I do not mind watching it again even now. We all have our ‘must watch’ movies and ‘all time favorites’. And this one happens to have made it’s way to both lists for me, on an individual level.

Let’s talk John Keating. Robin Williams has done such a wonderful job at playing the character. And somewhere don’t we all need a John Keating in our lives? Maybe not a teacher in a literal way, but definitely a person who teaches us to sometimes just look at things from a different perspective. Someone who constantly tells us to go seize the day, and that we have the power to make our lives extraordinary. More importantly, let’s talk about how Keating was a teacher who believed in his students. How he had faith in all of them, even Todd who sat there timidly for most of the part. And yes, maybe he made things for Todd a little awkward by suddenly forcing him into a poetry exercise, but the way he came up with that poem, and the words from Keating, surely helped Todd break out of his shell at least a bit. dps2

What I love most about Keating is, he didn’t stick by the syllabus. The book wasn’t his bible, and he wasn’t just teaching these boys something straight out of a book that they’ll learn for an exam, and then forget. He was trying to teach them something that would stay with them forever. He was molding their personas, one step at a time. He was teaching them how to think and not what to think. He was letting these boys venture into their own mind and soul, letting them explore, if it can be put that way. And I think that this was very important. In a world, where we are all given the same education, and the only thing that makes us different compared to the other person is a few numbers on a sheet of paper, how important do you think you are as a person? How much do you matter to yourself? How well do you know yourself? When someone asks you a question, do you give a generic answer that probably a thousand more are going to give, or do you reply based off what you think and believe in? To not just educate someone to be a good adult, but to educate someone to think and believe, is something, that needs to be done more often.


The idea of Dead Poets Society, sounded very intriguing. I loved how the boys were slowly opening up to Keating, and soon enough Dead Poets Society was on. It’s like they had warmed up to him, and his unconventional ways of doing things, his philosophies and ideologies, etc. Although I felt like Neil was the only one who was actually in the society for the poetry and his bond with the boys, and I didn’t really appreciate how the others in the group weren’t really much about poetry, I really liked how these boys had grown so close to each other. And somewhere, Keating and the society meetings were helping these boys to grow as individuals, and in Keating’s words,”Seize the day.”


Neil’s death was horribly painful. To see him grow as a person throughout the movie and then ending up like that was devastating. Moreover, it seemed like things were falling in place when his father allowed him to play his part in the play, even though he ordered him to give it up just a day back. Knox and Chris seemed to be working out, and Charlie, or Nuwanda, wasn’t suspended. All seemed well, but then Neil’s father decided that Neil won’t make decisions for himself, and thus forces Neil to change schools and also declares that he will be a doctor. And very evidently it was too much for Neil to take. The sad part is, this still happens so many times, in today’s era too. Parents do not realize that their children can make their own decisions, and when it comes to a career choice, they should probably be allowed to. Children are not parents’ puppets, that they can just puppeteer all their lives.

Todd’s reaction to Neil’s death was heartbreaking. But what was worse, was Meeks ratting out the Dead Poets Society. But I did come to realize that he didn’t really have a choice per say. It was either them or Keating, and they didn’t get to choose. Their future mattered, and as much as they loved Keating, they had to sign the papers, even if unwillingly so.

And Keating did leave, but what stayed was Todd standing on his table and yelling “O Captain, my Captain!”, for him, followed by the rest of the boys. Todd, of all the people, did that, was what was impressive. It just showed how much he respected Keating and everything he had done for all of them. And I think that for me, seized the day.


Last one for #PoetryMonth

Do you just detach yourself
And regret attaching yourself
From someone you thought,
For you they’d have fought.
But now the truth lies right there,
And you’ve had your fair share,
Of suffering
And trying
At keeping
The boat afloat.
And you’ve tried a lot,
A lot you fought.
But sometimes you cut the chord,
Even though it might seem hard
Maybe freedom is the only reward,
But soon, you’ll value the liberty,
And find someone genuinely trustworthy.

A/N: Anddd I successfully finish #PoetryMonth yay ^_^ . I’ll probably be taking a tiny break, before posting anything else, but for now i feel so accomplished for having made it πŸ˜€

Good Things are coming.

Oooooh, I got a good feeling.

When the days are bad,
And you end up sad,
Lying in bed, eyes filled with tears,
Silent screams that no one hears,
But you keep going on, telling yourself,
Good things are coming, all will be well.

And its all storm and thunder,
And you’re left to wonder,
If things will ever be right,
But you have faith, you hold on tight,
Sun shall shine, after the rain,
Good things shall come, gone will be the pain.

So when finally, the sun shines,
The dark clouds are gone, after all this time.
And you can feel an inner voice say,
Here is what you wanted, your happy day.
And you look back at how far you came,
You smile and realize you won the game.
And how did you do that? Was it possible?
You knew good things were coming,
You weren’t weak or feeble.

Now you know what to do,
When you feel all alone and blue
So when every negative thought strikes like a sword,
You hold your shield, like a priceless reward.
And you tell yourself what you dearly believe,
Good things are coming, good days to live.


A/N: Sorry for the delay in putting up today’s work.. I kept on procrastinating and later my internet gave up on me πŸ™‚Β 

A little strange.

Finally, summer break.

It feels a little weird,
To be back home,
And a part of me wonders
Will I still feel alone?

And it’s strange adapting to the mannerisms,
Which I actually grew up in,
It’s like a trip back in time
And I don’t know if it’s a win.

It’s a little hard to grasp,
That I’m finally back here
After such a long wait,
Back to my hometown so dear.


A/N: I’M HOMEEEEEE !!!!!!!! Finally, ahhh. 17-hour bus journey later, I’m here for a good 2 months yay!


Literally about my bus journey back home..

Sleeping in buses,
Staring at skies,
As they turn from blue,
To starry blacks.

Opening the windows,
Enjoying the breeze,
Hair blowing with it,
Stomach at a bit of unease.

Getting down and being quick,
In gathering dinner and eating it
Talking and talking and talking,
About utter nonsense, followed by laughing.

And when the journey ends,
Excitement followed by a sad feeling.
Home was the destination
But we also lived for the journey.


A/N: Couldn’t post yesterday coz bus journey and we were pretty much in a lying down position all the time πŸ˜›

Time to go.

I’m back on track πŸ˜›

It’s time, it ends,
For a while, leaving these friends,
But I was so used to it all,
Grown to like it, familiar were these walls.

Missing the comfort of home,
And liking the life alone,
We came a long way together,
From being tiny buds, to spreading our feathers.

And I know it’s not the end,
I know we’ll meet again
And I’ll have a good time home,
But I don’t mind starting over, all alone.


A/N: So, 1 year away from home, and I’m all geared up to go back home, but I have grown to love my PG life and staying away from home ahhh :):


jury πŸ™‚ tomorrow πŸ™‚

Putting so much effort into your work
And judgement day comes
You await what they say,
Your work is all ready and done.
And you want to get through
For this to pass so badly,
But a part of your heart,
Will this work out?
You console yourself, and wait,
For the judgement to come
And you make peace with the fact,
That even if its bad,
You’ll be fine.
Maybe now, maybe later.
But you know you’ll be fine.
Maybe now, maybe eventually.
You’ve seen the storm now,
So just the drizzle, is pleasant.
And you shut that umbrella,
To enjoy it, and walk around,
Embrace it.


A/N: So, the reason I’m writing this, is because my final jury for this academic year is tomorrow, and I’m genuinely worried, seeing that I had a shit jury last semester. But I’m fine even if it doesn’t go well. I’ve fallen last semester, but at least I know my work has improved and isn’t as bad as it was back then. And for this poem, I feel like it also applies to those who are going to go onstage and face a crowd, experiencing that last minute anxiety.. (Been there, done that). πŸ™‚

Unending Nights

These are the nights that never die πŸ™‚

The right people, the right place,
Having fun, away from all stress.
A bunch of close ones, huddled together,
As the stars shine, and cool is the weather.

Playing games, and laughing a lot,
Sharing the food we’d got.
Cussing at each other for no reason,
We talked thunder, lightning, changing seasons.

And as the breeze blew strong,
Blowing our hair, quite long,
We lay there, talking about it all,
And noticing shooting stars that fall.

And as the hours passed by,
And the night started to die,
Each of us wanted time to pause,
Not wanting these moments to be lost.

But when the sun rose,
The black fading, the blue grows
We lay there silently, taking it in,
And going our homes with a smile,
A lot within.


A/N: So, We had a sleepover on our terrace yesterday night, and it was one of those times where I was genuinely having fun. One of those nights, which I wished wouldn’t end. And well, living away from home, I miss my friends back home a lot, so usually when I’m with people I’ve met here, I just feel that I’d rather be with my friends back home, and that I’d enjoy it more with them than with anyone else. But yesterday night was just the perfect amount of everything. And it’s sad that this happened to be the last day of the year when we could do this, seeing that we’ll be heading home soon this week. But hey, there’s three more years I have πŸ™‚

The boy who was friends with a ghost.

The title is the poetry prompt…

It’s hard to get out there,
To befriend children, and have fun.
That’s the issue little John faced,
Friends, he had none.

But did he feel sad?
No, not at all.
In fact, he was quite content,
Given his talks with the wall.

Every night past bedtime,
Once his parents had him tucked in,
He’d get back up, once they were gone,
And call out to his friend.

One moonlight night, his mother heard,
Her son talking to someone.
Enraged, she quietly peeped into the room,
And she saw him talking, but to none.

Confused for a second, she waited,
Until a white shadow appeared,
Of a boy about the age of John,
With him John walked, and in the dark disappeared.

Terrified, the mother came in,
Calling out to her son,
Trying to make sense of everything,
Her son seemed to be gone.

They called up the police,
And awaited their presence,
The parents couldn’t stop thinking
About their son’s absence.

Once the police arrived,
They were informed about the case,
And also about a ghost
To which they made a skeptical face.

And to everyone’s surprise,
John was fast asleep in bed,
He was woken up and asked about it,
His ‘friend’ was messing with their heads.

Soon, they were convinced,
The mother imagined a lot of things,
Only John knew the reality,
His friend gave him wings.


A/N: Writing a narrative after really long..

Today I am.

Gah, can u feel the happiness of finals week being over?!

Today I am,
A 6-year old,
My mother’s hand I hold.
Running in a polka dot dress,
Eating the birthday cake, making a mess.
Blowing the candles and laughing,
As the other kids are clapping.

Today I am,
The dog at the window,
That looks with hope, at the meadows.
Waiting for its master to come back,
And when he does, woofing with joy.

Today I am,
The broke college kid, walking down the street,
Finding a dollar bill, his happiness, not discreet.
Pocketing it quietly, he is suddenly hopeful,
Did I describe myself? I’m skeptical.


A/N: And I’m happyyyyyyyyy!!!!