#Sundays- Schools and Body Image.

you know whom to come to if you need to raise your kids right 😉

School kids always have this absurd habit of mocking each other based off their appearances. And in all honesty, the only people who seem to enjoy school are the ones who make it miserable for the others. Hierarchy begins here, where you have the popular kids and the nerds. And of course, like every other system that has ever gone wrong, you worship the ones who are more outgoing, over the ones who actually are more focused and work towards their future. Instead of preaching ‘Live and Let Live’ so as to make sure both these parties lead a peaceful existence during their time in school, we deal with mockery coming from the superior popular class, which we can term as ‘bullying’.


When we say ‘Actions speak louder than words’, can we also please teach children that sometimes words are enough actions to trigger some negative emotion amongst children of any age group? We see all these young adults, or even proper adults, who look at themselves in the mirror once in the day and that’s it. There is no self-love, and appreciation for the way one looks. Maybe it doesn’t bother them, but they don’t appreciate it either. It’s more like you look at your flaws, crib and cry and wonder why certain features you have are a certain way everytime you look into the mirror, but after a point, you just start ignoring your own self. And honestly, where does all of it begin? So many people I know of, talk about how they were fat-shamed in school. I, personally faced, skinny-shaming throughout my school life and continue to even as I continue my life outside school, but now I’ve learnt to just ignore it. But then, there are things that are never going to change. Like I will never love the way my hair naturally looks, because of the amount of times I’ve had school kids tell me it looks like a bird’s nest, or try to entangle something in it. You never really know, how what you do or say, is going to affect someone. So if you are going to tell me that “Yes, but that’s just children.”, well, here’s something you probably didn’t know- These are the same children that are going to make the future generation. With a world where we are pretty much exploiting all resources, call ourselves the smartest animals, and are on a constant downhill, the last thing anybody wants, is children who pull down other children, leading to adults with a low self-esteem and a bad body-image. If you’re going to raise your children, being okay with them passing derogatory remarks about others’ appearances, which happen to be something they don’t really have a say in, might as well not have children as such, for who wants children like that, who become parents like that, who lead to generation after generation of a system like that, and adults on one side who think they can comment whatever, and the other side who don’t care about themselves anymore at all.



#Sundays- Courage and Different People.

i’m so lazy, exhausted and tired and all that aaahhh just this week and then I’ll have a good weekend 😀

So, I skipped another Sunday, and it’s a good time to say I’m clearly bad at committing to this thing, like I’m at a lot of other things like exercising, eating healthy, practising singing daily, etc. Another thing I badly want to do and manage to let my laziness and fatigue get the best of me anyway. But hey, as I write this, my eyes are already shutting, but I’m here writing anyway because no, I don’t want to miss another Sunday. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been so long since I wrote, although I did so just yesterday in a journal.

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There’s this thing that I had once read and I believe in- Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and something good will come out of it. Honestly, if you had the courage to start something, if you had the courage to begin a venture, then you deserve to see it until the end. And sometimes, maybe you attempt something, and you don’t really know what you gained out of it, and that is fine too. Maybe sometimes, all you get out of doing something is the satisfaction of doing it, and sometimes that is good enough. And in the longer run, that is more than enough. Years later, you’re probably not going to remember who trusted you at that point, who didn’t, who was there for you, and who saw you accomplish something, etc. What will matter to you, is that you did it. You were scared, and nervous and worried and you went ahead and did it anyway. And there’s so much to be proud of in that simple moment. (The kind of motivation I need to get through finals week is right here, haha).


And then there are people. Certain people who do all these things for you, some things tiny, some things large, and maybe they don’t really realize how much it means to you, but it does. Sometimes you’re so used to being all by yourself, and your perpetual state of feeling nothing, it’s so weird to actually feel anything at all. And it’s all because of some other people’s actions? Aren’t they very much right about actions speaking louder than words?

And then there are people who can’t understand you. Certain people are always going to think that they know you well, they know what you’re probably thinking and feeling, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. You can try convincing them of your point, and if you’re lucky they’ll probably get it, but more often than not, it’s not the case. So it’s fine. Maybe they know you well, but at the end of the day, they’re their own person. And how much ever they try to understand you, their own ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. is going to influence their perceptions of you. So it’s fine if they do not agree with what you think about your own self regarding something that probably matters to you. You can’t convince the whole world of everything and anything anyway.


#Sundays- Cricket, Memes and Creativity.

Well, well, well…

Today, we saw Pakistan emerge victorious in the ICC Champions Trophy, and let’s say quite a few Indians were really really disappointed. As usual, our news channels were quick at pointing out flaws, adding exaggerated headlines, and what not. It’s so easy to do so, isn’t it? Sit in front of a screen, or even in a stadium, and just pass comments. It’s so easy to judge when the subject isn’t you. But when it’s something personal or close, we have to be sensitive and defend ourselves against everything anyone has to say. Now I’m someone who admires performing arts. I’ve also been onstage a few times now and then. Even then there’s a kind of pressure. Stage fright and nervousness about how things will turn out. And this is to a tiny audience, nothing major. When cricketers play in a stadium, the people are in thousands. Cheering and booing at their every move. Even if you practise day and night there’s got to be pressure. And nobody likes losing. You can be sporting about the defeat but nobody plays with an intention to lose. Moreover, as I said, pointing fingers is easy. Doing something isn’t. People in our country, don’t just see Cricket as a sport. It’s more to them. A lifeline of sorts. But at some point, everyone has to understand that the players are humans too and wins and losses are bound to happen. They lost, it’s alright. Life goes on…

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Image Source: Hindustan Times

But what I also like about this is the amount of humour. For a lover of memes like me, it’s a beautiful time to exist. For once, I find myself sharing memes on the entire scenario of the match that is going on, and not self-deprecating ones. Before the match, I saw memes mocking the other team, and when we were on the losing side, I saw memes about that too. Like we can make memes out of anything. Humour just comes to us, doesn’t it? I love how this happens though. This is a situation where all my die-hard cricket fan buddies are genuinely disappointed. Yet something about these memes and humour is helping them out here. Humour, rising out of sadness. Impressive.

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On the other hand, we did win the Hockey World League semi-finals. This was India V/S Pakistan too, and we won by 7-1. But of course, much importance isn’t being given here, because it’s not cricket. Huge victory anyway though. It’s high time everyone started noticing and giving importance to sports other than cricket too.

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In other irrelevant news, I continue having my minor jerks of creativity, where I need to get my ideas somewhere. This used to happen to me with respect to book plots because I really want to be an author someday. Now, it happens to me with film plots too. And of course, all these ideas lie idle in one corner of my head. Hopefully, I get them on paper someday. Maybe that’d be more plausible if I was more organised with what I did and how I did. For example, if I wrote regularly, I’d probably have a book by now, but no, I don’t. Because I keep procrastinating under the pretext of ‘not being inspired enough to pen down anything.’ I wonder if it happens to every creative person though? Random ideas and then not really knowing what to do with it. Or just not being inspired enough. Or wanting to see the end of that idea but not being able to do justice to work on it.




Dead Poets Society

one of the few movies that stay with you?

Might have spoilers, if you haven’t watched it..

Watched this classic very recently for the first time ever (yes, I’m really late on pretty much everything), and then I literally couldn’t hold it back and I had to pen it all down. This movie is such a beauty. It’s been like two days since I watched it for the first time, and I do not mind watching it again even now. We all have our ‘must watch’ movies and ‘all time favorites’. And this one happens to have made it’s way to both lists for me, on an individual level.

Watched this classic very recently for the first time ever (yes, I’m really late on pretty much everything), and then I literally couldn’t hold it back and I had to pen it all down. This movie is such a beauty. It’s been like two days since I watched it for the first time, and I do not mind watching it again even now. We all have our ‘must watch’ movies and ‘all time favorites’. And this one happens to have made it’s way to both lists for me, on an individual level.

Let’s talk John Keating. Robin Williams has done such a wonderful job at playing the character. And somewhere don’t we all need a John Keating in our lives? Maybe not a teacher in a literal way, but definitely a person who teaches us to sometimes just look at things from a different perspective. Someone who constantly tells us to go seize the day, and that we have the power to make our lives extraordinary. More importantly, let’s talk about how Keating was a teacher who believed in his students. How he had faith in all of them, even Todd who sat there timidly for most of the part. And yes, maybe he made things for Todd a little awkward by suddenly forcing him into a poetry exercise, but the way he came up with that poem, and the words from Keating, surely helped Todd break out of his shell at least a bit. dps2

What I love most about Keating is, he didn’t stick by the syllabus. The book wasn’t his bible, and he wasn’t just teaching these boys something straight out of a book that they’ll learn for an exam, and then forget. He was trying to teach them something that would stay with them forever. He was molding their personas, one step at a time. He was teaching them how to think and not what to think. He was letting these boys venture into their own mind and soul, letting them explore, if it can be put that way. And I think that this was very important. In a world, where we are all given the same education, and the only thing that makes us different compared to the other person is a few numbers on a sheet of paper, how important do you think you are as a person? How much do you matter to yourself? How well do you know yourself? When someone asks you a question, do you give a generic answer that probably a thousand more are going to give, or do you reply based off what you think and believe in? To not just educate someone to be a good adult, but to educate someone to think and believe, is something, that needs to be done more often.


The idea of Dead Poets Society, sounded very intriguing. I loved how the boys were slowly opening up to Keating, and soon enough Dead Poets Society was on. It’s like they had warmed up to him, and his unconventional ways of doing things, his philosophies and ideologies, etc. Although I felt like Neil was the only one who was actually in the society for the poetry and his bond with the boys, and I didn’t really appreciate how the others in the group weren’t really much about poetry, I really liked how these boys had grown so close to each other. And somewhere, Keating and the society meetings were helping these boys to grow as individuals, and in Keating’s words,”Seize the day.”


Neil’s death was horribly painful. To see him grow as a person throughout the movie and then ending up like that was devastating. Moreover, it seemed like things were falling in place when his father allowed him to play his part in the play, even though he ordered him to give it up just a day back. Knox and Chris seemed to be working out, and Charlie, or Nuwanda, wasn’t suspended. All seemed well, but then Neil’s father decided that Neil won’t make decisions for himself, and thus forces Neil to change schools and also declares that he will be a doctor. And very evidently it was too much for Neil to take. The sad part is, this still happens so many times, in today’s era too. Parents do not realize that their children can make their own decisions, and when it comes to a career choice, they should probably be allowed to. Children are not parents’ puppets, that they can just puppeteer all their lives.

Todd’s reaction to Neil’s death was heartbreaking. But what was worse, was Meeks ratting out the Dead Poets Society. But I did come to realize that he didn’t really have a choice per say. It was either them or Keating, and they didn’t get to choose. Their future mattered, and as much as they loved Keating, they had to sign the papers, even if unwillingly so.

And Keating did leave, but what stayed was Todd standing on his table and yelling “O Captain, my Captain!”, for him, followed by the rest of the boys. Todd, of all the people, did that, was what was impressive. It just showed how much he respected Keating and everything he had done for all of them. And I think that for me, seized the day.

2 A.M.

One of my favorites, that I had written sometime last year 🙂

I’d like to believe,
That at 2 A.M, you see
A different side of a person,
Not the usual one for sure.
In the day he’s someone,
So nice and sweet and friendly,
But maybe it’s the night that brings out,
The devils within.

I’d like to know, what you think,
At 2 A.M, when you can’t sleep.
Or maybe you did, but woke up,
For thoughts can turn to nightmares, too.                                      Just like someone’s “sweet dreams”,
Is intended to not mean it.
At all.

Are you drowning yet?
Or are you afloat?
Have you survived it yet?
Or waiting for the dawn to dawn?
Because maybe the end of the night,
For you it might,
Give you hope it ends,
And these monsters don’t eat you alive.

But maybe you’re happy,
And not at all overpowered by this negativity,
For maybe your thoughts, are consumed,
By something magical, not melancholy,
By purity and not tragedy,
Maybe you don’t want it to end,
For you’re enjoying it all,
Filling yourself with this energy, so positive,
Take it while it lasts.

Or maybe you’re not awake at all,
Because you’ve finally made peace,
With these demons that reside,
Inside of you, so quiet.
Sleeping during the day,
And keeping you up at night,
But now you have learnt the balance,
The yin and the yang,
The good in the bad, and bad in the good,
And you’ve realized, your angels can be weak,
But they can fight too.

A/N: Hello. Starting this blog on the occasion of Poetry Month! 🙂 Will I post daily? I shall try, and hopefully work it out. It’ll get easier once I’m done with my final week for my courses, because then no submissions. For today, one of my favorites 😀